House Concert with SJ Tucker and Heather Dale, Nashua NH

On Monday February 20 , JT and I will be hosting a house concert for SJ Tucker with Betsy Willey and Heather Dale with Ben Deschamps
Monday, February 20, 2012
Door open at 7:30 PM
Concert at 8 PM
Recommended donation $8-$15
Reservations required, please email nashuahouseconcert@mindspring.com
or call 603-891-1339

Please feel free to copy this announcement to any other lists or individuals you think would be interested- there are downloadable flyers for this event here:

Note that the concert space is on the second floor, access is via stairs. And there are two cats in residence, so free cat hair will be provided for all attendees.

And where exactly has the time gone?

Egad, but I've been dilatory about posting here.

The storm was pretty much a non-event for us- dropped some extra kindling on our lawn is all. We went to Pi-Con (fun despite being lightly attended) on Saturday and came back early Sunday morning, stopped with friends for board gaming Sunday, and returned to find bored cats had given us the gift of hairball (we're trying to explain that it's their job to entertain us, not the other way around, but they aren't buying it).

Especially great to hear cluegirl and JT singing together, it doesn't happen enough. Also, nice to come back from Pi-con with a vehicle this year...we waved to our dent in the guardrail on Rte 2 when we went by it.

Good to see folks! And how the heck is it the end of August already?! I'm positive we were supposed to have another month of summer. At least.

Matt and Shannon Heaton House Concert in Nashua- Sat, Jan 22

What is brain--should have posted this ages ago:

JT and I are having a house concert for fantastic Boston Celtic duo Matt and Shannon Heaton in our own cozy library on Saturday Jan 22 at 7:00 pm. We are asking for reservations, please email me at nashuahouseconcert@mindspring.com or call 603-891-1339 if you're interested.

They do a lovely mix of vocals and instrumentals on guitar, flute, bouzouki and accordian.
Shannon Heaton has been voted Female Musician of the Year by the Irish American News, Chicago and
Matt & Shannon's new CD Lover's Well has been selected as Trad Fusion Album of the Year by LiveIreland.com, Dublin.

If you can't make it to the concert, do check out the live music downloads on their website!

Sale Notice

A lot of you know my sister Kate- she was a dealer at the last Concertino- selling her handmade soaps and herbal remedies, as well as jewelry and Renfaire gear. She's having some vet-bill-related cash-flow issues at the moment, and is running a sale via her Esty store to try and help things along.

I will personally recommend the handmade soap for people suffering from winter dry-skin issues. I used to alternately be driven crazy by the itching and drown myself in lotion this time of year, but Kate's soap is very mild, and has made a big difference in my level of comfort during the winter months.

I Can Haz Sleep Nao?

I've posted a few con photos in concertino09.

Great to see people! And hear people! In some ways I feel like this is my first ever Concertino- certainly it's the first one where I've ever seen any significant amount of programming. Fantastic guests, fantastic concerts, some terrific material in the 2 x 8s...it was all good.

And now I'm going to fall over.
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One More Step

Yesterday New Hampshire became the sixth state, and fifth in New England to legalize gay marriage.

I don't as a rule follow politics with nearly the attention that I should. And I'm not proud of that. But this time, I actually got off my butt and wrote to the governor to support this law.

It's damned rare for me to actually be proud of an elected official, but. Governor Lynch's personal inclination was clearly not pro-gay-marriage. He could have declined to make a decision- simply let the bill become law without his signature. Or he could have vetoed it.

He did neither. In his own words (from the NYT article):
Mr. Lynch, who previously supported civil unions but not marriage for same-sex couples, said in a statement that he had heard “compelling arguments that a separate system is not an equal system.”

“Today,” he said, “we are standing up for the liberties of same-sex couples by making clear that they will receive the same rights, responsibilities — and respect — under New Hampshire law.”

And yeah. I also voted for him. This morning, I'm feeling pretty good about that.
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Annual New Year's Gaming Extravaganza

Okay...I've been on vacation (or at least my brain has) and hadn't realized I hadn't posted this here yet. As usual, games, games and more games for the new year! Come, bring a game, bring a friend, help us conquer the world (pick one, Cataan, Puerto Rico, etc, etc).
In accordance with long-standing tradition, we're throwing open the house for gaming
on New Year's Day!

Who: Everyone
What: Puerto Rico, RoboRally, Settlers of Catan, Risk, Family Business, Arkham
Horror, Munchkin ... the list goes on ...
When: Thursday, January 1, 2009, from noon until we eject you
Where: Stately Turner/Holly Manor, 17 Kennedy Drive, Nashua, NH (603) 891-1339
Why: Because we've gotten older without necessarily getting more mature

We provide space, food, snacks, and soft drinks. You provide yourselves, games,
and any other foodstuffs you'd like to have available.

RSVPs requested but not required. Please mention this to anyone else
who might be interested. Ample crash space available on a first-request,
first-served basis.